10. It’s the journey, not the destination.

Practising Teacher Criteria in e-learning.
(“Practising Teacher Criteria and e-learning ” n.d.)

downloadEstablish and maintain effective professional relationships focused on the learning and well-being of all ākonga.

– Collaboration for DCL & LDC assignments.
– Communication and discussions on Google Plus Community.
– BT folder completed online.
– Parent communication all through Class DoJo.
– Activity 4 (APC): Professional community
– Activity 5 (APC): Professional connections

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Show leadership that contributes to effective teaching and learning.

– DCL Assessment 2- development of Google Drive school-wide
– Class integration of growth and fixed mindset.
– Student initiated actions in the classroom.
– integration of Google Drive on class iPads.
– assistance to other BTs in folder setup etc
– Activity 2 (APC): Leadership & Learning practice.

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Promote a collaborative, inclusive, and supportive learning environment.

– Collaboration through DCL & LDC assessments
– integration of Google Drive into classroom activity
– all students develop into digital citizens
– using online devices to engage and motivate students.

Two Goals:


Goal one: to develop into a truly collaborative and digital classroom


  • creating a blended learning workspace
  • allowing students to view videos and learning at home- flipped classroom.
  •  using new apps/programs such as padlet, by using wikis or blogs


The technology that the students are using now is just the ‘top of the iceberg’ for these children. In the future, they will be using technology that has not even been thought of yet. I want to be able to give those students the best platform for being able to adapt to whatever technology is going to come at them.
By using whatever technology is available to us now, these students are becoming more and more aware about how they can use the technology to further their own learning and be the best they can be. These students will be set up well for the future and not be confined to learning or having a job without the digital world.


Goal two: to fully integrate the students into having a growth mindset


  • extension of learning through focused lessons and inquiry
  • student-centered learning
  • goal setting with students


The motivation and engagement of students can be reliant on their input into the planning of their learning journey. By allowing the students to have a say into this journey leads to their self motivation and self awareness of their own ability. This works well also with the setting of goals for the students to aim for and to extend beyond.
Alongside doing this, the students benefit from being extended from the teacher as well. Pushing the students from below is still letting them make their own learning path but while they are being guided from the teacher. As the teacher, I need to be aware that the students will need a push in the right direction if they lack motivation or ability to make their own way. I intend to allow each and every student to flourish so that they can be beyond the best that they can be.

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